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About Us

Built for developers, by developers.

When you start a new project, it can be hard to get productive.

As developers, we’ve all struggled with setting up new projects and creating environments that encourage proper testing.

Traditional CI tools often fail to help teams move fast.

YouBase is a development platform built to solve this problem. We help you turn amazing ideas into great code – and aspire to make fast, scalable builds accessible to everyone.

Meet Our Team

Yves Junqueira


Yves worked for a decade as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, where he created software development tools and infrastructure.

He left Google in 2017 to found YourBase, where he is using his passion and experience to help development teams move faster.

John Ewart


John worked at Amazon and AWS on many projects, including AWS CodeDeploy, internal developer tools that build and deploy software to millions of systems, and the Alexa and Kindle platforms. He also teaches computer science at Northeastern University.

At YourBase, he is working to make slow build times and inefficiencies in the development process a thing of the past.

Ridai Pombo

Senior Software Engineer

Ridai is a software architect, systems developer, and open source evangelist. With 17 years of experience working with Java and over 9 years of contributions to Exherbo Linux, he is always finding new ways to approach the toughest challenges in computing, including CI.

He brings his extensive knowledge of frameworks, web services, and access control tools to YourBase, where he’s working to build great products.

Adam Bell

VP of Strategy

Adam cultivated a broad technical and business development background as VP of Business Development at Travis CI and as a Business Development Executive at Stark & Wayne LLC.

At YourBase, he leads company strategy and customer development.

Meet Our Investors: