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Adopting YourBase

We offer a safe, gradual adoption path with quality technical support.

Check out how to set up YourBase as a:

  • Full CI System
  • Modular Plugin

See what modes of integration we offer.


  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Java
    - python:3.6.3

  - name: default
      - pip install -r requirements.txt
      - python tests/run_tests.py

    - name: tests
      build_target: default
Code locally & build remotely from your terminal BETA
yb remotebuild
Triggers YourBase builds remotely during local development or as part of your CI.
yb exec -e <optional environment>
Runs your app in local development or production using an isolated container.


Focus on writing code instead of worrying about your infrastructure.

The YourBase Dependency Graph is automatically inferred using real-world data.

There is no learning curve or upkeep required.

See How It Works

Don't change how you alreadybuild or deploy.

We augment existing systems to add new capabilities, so you can reap the benefits of YourBase without changing your universe.

Our agents work in your environment, which can include — but is not limited to — Java, Ruby, XCode, Go, Node, Python, and more.

Use the public or private cloud.

Use our web-hosted solution, or deploy YourBase on-premise to keep 100% of your data in-house.


Experience a gradual migration to YourBase.

We know that depending on the technology and setup of your existing CI, your approach to adopting YourBase will vary.

We ensure a controlled migration journey that minimizes disruption to your team and avoids unexpected surprises during production.

Create a mapping from your existing CI to YourBase.

Work hand-in-hand with our YourBase domain experts to try out YourBase.

We’ll help you map your existing CI processes to YourBase until it works successfully.

Try YourBase without launching.

Get YourBase up and running with only a small part of your team, and see the results.

Test drive the system while addressing potential issues with us, so you can see the tangible outcomes of using YourBase while still conducting business as usual.

Switch to YourBase when you're ready.

You decide when to migrate from shadow builds to live builds with YourBase, connecting to your full CI workflow at the flip of a switch.

Have peace of mind with free technical support.

We want to ensure your smooth transition, so our technical support with our engineers is complimentary while you get YourBase up and running during your dark launch.

Billing only starts when your team enables live integration with your remote repository.

Adopt YourBase to see your build & test times reduced by close to 90%.

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