YourBase: let’s fundamentally simplify how we deploy software

January 23, 2019

YourBase is a community of SREs and developers from different companies that are starting a new opensource project to simplify how we deploy software. Jeremy is a Senior SRE at Starbucks and just posted this on LinkedIn:

💖 opensource 💖

I quit Google to work on full-time, and I am very happy that employees from other established companies are jumping in to help, like Jeremy is doing.

It makes sense. Software delivery is a common problem, why shouldn’t we work on this together?

Our community thinks building and deploying software is too hard right now because of the number of poorly abstracted infrastructure and confusing best practices. But imagine if we could simplify all that and enable every company to deploy software whenever they wished, with reliability. How faster could we move?

Deployment of software – simplifiedYourBase is a fully automated delivery platform that enforces microservice best-practices. Our main goals:

Be very easy to get started.Scale from small teams to large ones and perhaps help build the next Google or Facebook ;-). Enforce uniformity between apps of the same type (e.g: “Go REST API Server” or “Java Spring REST API Server”) to simplify operations and debugging. In other words, we want to build a fast track for software development.

It’s early days for the project, but things are moving fast. First, we want to get all the basic functionality working. At this stage, things are going to be a bit clunky. But we have clear plans to radically simplify the developer experience. So we are happy to have developers on board that are passionate about this and will push us to build that magical Apple design, but for software deployment workflows.

Want to help?

We know a lot of people care about this. Perhaps you might want to get involved? We are moving fast but can use any help we can get. So everyone is welcome and we take all kinds of contributions!

We don’t have a proper homepage yet, but people are randomly finding our GitHub project and joining our slack. I guess we’re doing something right :-).

See our GitHub project for more details. And stay tuned for more!