How YourBase uses user data

Does YourBase collect any data? What data is collected? If so, can I opt out of sharing that data?

Without opting out, we collect some information about how our library is behaving, as described below.

This page will always describe the most up to date understanding of the information we collect from users of our products. If we ever make changes to how we do user data collection, we will update this page and notify users during build executions as well.

What data we collect

Zero data collection or access to your codebase.

To protect your technology and IP, no personal build or codebase information is required to accelerate your tests. By default, we do not keep any information about your codebase, except for the license key if you are using a licensed product.

The following data is collected per build, and is sent to the YourBase Test Selection telemetry server via HTTPS.

  • build identifier: the build ID.

  • Total test count: number of run tests.

  • total skipped test count: number of tests that were not run.

  • timestamp information: when the tests ran, and also optionally when they ended.

  • treeish: ID that refers to a (sub)directory in the git tree.

  • cohort ID and count: for parallelized builds, refers to which shard. cohord.count counts out of how many shards.

    Consistent sharding: if you already have parallelization set up, we try to match the number of groups you have and be consistent about which group tests go into each time.

  • acceleration version: the version of YourBase Test Acceleration being run.

  • acceleration language: the language of YourBase Test Acceleration being run.


	"total_test_count": 123,
	"test_skipped_count": 50,
	"started_at": "RFC3339", // send in UTC
	"ended_at": "RFC3339", // send in UTC (optional)

        "build_id": "<opaque token>",
        // is YOURBASE_BUILD_ID or YB_BUILD_ID if set;
        // you can generate one otherwise

        "treeish": "01234abc" | null,
	"cohort": {
		"id": 2,
		"count": 10
	"acceleration": {
		"language": "Python",
		"version": "0.1.3"

Opt out of usage data collection

To opt out of sending any crash data or usage statistics to the YourBase Team is a one step process. Simply set the environment variable YOURBASE_TELEMETRY to false prior to running your tests.

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