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Quick-start instructions
$ pip install yourbase
$ pytest # set up dependency graph (one-time)
$ pytest # run tests with acceleration!
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Set up team-based acceleration gains.
Set up for CI (CircleCI, TravisCI, Jenkins, etc.).

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

After 30 days from first use, test runs will continue to execute but without YourBase Test Acceleration. To continue using YourBase Test Acceleration after 30 days, discuss plan options with us by emailing

To discontinue at any time, simply uninstall the package. To opt out of usage data sharing, see instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Collection

What data does YourBase collect?
How do I opt out of usage data sharing?


How do I get started?
Do you have a video so I can see what to expect?
How much does this cost?
How do I know if YourBase is accelerating my tests correctly?

Will YourBase work for me?

How do I use YourBase with my given toolset?
Will YourBase work with my CI?
What types of testing are supported by YourBase?
Unit, integration, end-to-end, etc.?
What Python testing frameworks are supported?
Does YourBase work with Django?
Does YourBase work with Poetry?

Under the hood

Where are dependency graphs stored?
What is sharding? Why would I shard tests? How would I do it?
YourBase did not skip any tests. Why is that?
How do I deliberately run all tests without accelerating any tests?
How does YourBase Test Acceleration affect the percentage covered for coverage reports?
How does YourBase Test Acceleration handle changes to dependencies in the codebase?

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