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Save Time and Money
on your CI infrastructure

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Inefficient CIs are expensive to run

When CI runs the same builds and tests repeatedly, they waste money and slow down your software delivery.

Say hello to fast and efficient
software testing.


YourBase CI Acceleration

A companion to your existing CI

  • Use an inferred dependency graph to skip steps.
  • Increase developer productivity.
  • Save on infrastructure costs.

Supports many languages

Python, Ruby, Java and Go

Keep your existing CI.

You can combine YourBase with your existing CI, or just use ours.

Our builds went from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

Philip Thomas

YourBase helps my team quickly respond to customer feedback.

Director of Automation
David Wolever


Reduce build & test times by up to 90%.

Reclaim hours of developer time per week.

See Build Time Comparisons

Our acceleration technology intelligently runs fewer and smaller processes at scale.

See How It Works

Built with 3 levels of acceleration, we shrink your build and test times by up to 90%.

All without changing how you build or deploy.

See Adopting YourBase
Artifact caching

Unchanged build and test artifacts are fetched from a smart cache.

Process-based acceleration

Processes are selectively split down to the system call and then skipped.

Test selection

Language-specific test runs are intelligently parsed to selectively skip test groups or individual tests.

Manage your builds
with an easy-to-use

Start For Free

Full GitHub Integration.

Get feedback on your builds right within GitHub via GitHub status reporting. Trigger builds and access build failures from open PRs.

Consistent and Reproducible Builds.

Builds are reproducible and consistent across environments, so the build output is the same no matter the machine.

Correctness and Safety in Incremental Builds.

Our acceleration tech values accuracy over speed. In cases where we cannot safely skip a step, we run it to guarantee accuracy.

Zero Local Configuration for Easy Onboarding.

Developers new to a project can simply clone a repo and run a one-line command to set up development in its own container.

Test only what matters in each change.

Individual test data is available for Python, Java, and Ruby projects.
See How It Works

Look deeper into your tests.

Detect Slow Tests

Detect and block test performance regressions.

Keep tests fast and lean.

Excessive build time detected.

Build was blocked from passing.

Excessive CPU usage detected.

Build was blocked from passing.

Detect Flaky Tests

Keep tests reliable.

Let’s build faster together.

Questions? Contact us at info@yourbase.io.

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